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Backed by a rich heritage of innovation, the Aavix product line offers the best value to homeowners looking for quality, durability and power in outdoor tools. Founded in 1998, Aavix specializes in designing and developing high quality, innovative and affordable outdoor tools to keep your home looking absolutely perfect throughout the year.

Our wide range of outdoor power tools, which includes lawn mowers, snow blowers, pressure washers and reel mowers, has been designed using state of the art technology to simplify your yard routine and make it easy for you to get your outdoor chores done efficiently.

What Makes Us Different?

Helping you get equipped with the best tools to tackle everyday chores!

At Aavix, we strive to offer a diverse range of smart, cost-effective and Eco-friendly lawn and garden solutions to our clients. What makes us different from others is our dedication to innovation. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

  • We are an Eco-Friendly Company – As one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor products, we believe we have a great responsibility towards the environment. Therefore, we continuously work on designing efficient products that have minimal environmental impact.


This is done by taking into consideration the environmental aspects in the designing and development of new products, by maintaining an efficient environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 in our production facilities as well as by actively influencing our suppliers and customers to engage in environmental friendly work methods. Energy efficiency, low environmental impact and recyclability are the primary focus areas for the development of new products.


  • We boast a heritage of Innovation – Our creative team of engineers strives to push the envelope of innovation and design to provide useful garden and lawn care solutions to our clients. Our history of innovation is reflected in our line of powerful and efficient lawn mowers, snow blowers, pressure washers and reel mowers.


  • We offer Powerful, Efficient and Affordable Solutions – We have one of the largest R&D teams that integrates environmental considerations with product development to design products that are not only efficient but affordable as well.


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