A11242 Retractable Garden Hose Reel| 66ft| 2pcs Adjustable Spray Nozzle

$ 79.18

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AAVIX’s the lastest wall mountable reels makes watering your garden lawn or cleaning your car a lot easier.

Constructed from sturdy, UV resistant materials, their reels stand the test against the harsh sun and will function even in -5℃/23℉. Shipped ready to mount, just follow the simple steps to install.

2pcs adjustable spray nozzle has a fine-tune your spraying action from mist to jet power.

The incremental locking system will provide as much of the hose length as you require and lock off once done extending. When finished, simply give the hose a tug and it will wind itself in. The internal guiding system ensures no tangles occur so you will get an uninterrupted flow of water every time. Maximise your reach with the 180° swivel mount.
-66ft hose length & 4ft inlet hose
-burst pressure 406psi/28bar
-temperature range -32℉~113℉
-180 degree swivel
-1/2in. hose diameter
-1/2in. quick hose connector w/stop x 1pc
-1/2in. quick hose connector x 1pc

Additional information

Weight 7.6 kg
Dimensions 42 x 21 x 40 cm