AGT306 Electric Log Splitter| 6-ton| 15Amp

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The Aavix AGT306 6-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter features a reliably powerful 2HP 15Amp motor so that you can slice through huge logs like a sharp knife cutting through butter. It works quietly and efficiently. The automatic push blade return makes it easier to move easily from log to log, saving precious time for other work. Capable of splitting logs up to 20.5in. L and 10in. in diameter. Built with user convenience in mind, the AGT306 features 6in. tires and comfortable grips, so you can move your splitter over difficult terrain with ease. Featuring a compact, lightweight, and heavy-duty construction, AGT306 is simple to use and store, and will last for many long years.
•Splits logs up to 20.5 in. L and 10 in. in diameter
•Powerful 15 Amp motor works quietly and efficiently
•Automatic push plate return
•Installed 6 in. tires allow for easy one person transport
•Splitting force: 12,000 lbs. (6-Ton)
•Rated power: 15 Amp
•Voltage/Hz: 120V~60Hz
•Push plate: 4 in. x 4 in.
•Wedge height: 4.5 in.
•Hydraulic fluid capacity: 2.8 Qt.

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Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 109.5 x 33 x 51.2 cm