AGT307 Electric Tiller/Cultivator| 13inch| 10Amp

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The Aavix 13inch 10amp Electric Tiller is the ideal choice for homeowners looking to simply and efficiently till their gardens. It also functions as a cultivator, excellently turning up loose soil while also chewing up pesky weeds and other small growth. The size, speed, and cycle of the blades allow you to properly till a larger area in a shorter time. Featuring a comfortable grip design, and 5.7in wheels that are easily raised or lowered without the need for tools, we make your comfort and ease of use our priority. The powerful 10-Amp motor and the heavy-duty steel blades allows you to work through even the hardest clay. Make your garden the best it can be with the Aavix AGT307 Electric Tiller.
•13 in. tilling width and 8.7 in. tilling depth
•Powerful 10-Amp motor works efficiently
•Dual 4-blade steel tines
•Unique tilling angle gets job done effortlessly
•Easy 1 person transport
•Lightweight(23.1lbs), compact, and easy to assemble and store
•Working width: 13 in.
•Working depth: 8.7 in.

Additional information

Weight 12.7 kg
Dimensions 61.2 x 37.8 x 33.5 cm